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LiMia Photography Terms and Conditions (Pty) Ltd.

No other cameras, video cameras, or cell phone pictures are permitted during the session.

1. Acceptance of Terms

Receipt of your booking form represents an acceptance by you (The Client) of these terms and conditions.

2. Cancellation

31-60 days prior to booked date - 50% (Fifty percent) refund.


3. Postponements

31-60 days prior to booked date -no transfer or cancellation fee will be charged, and your deposit will remain intact.

30-15days prior to booked date – 50% ( Fifty percent ) off full booked value will be charged to transfer your dates.

0-14 days prior to booked date – 100% of purchase price will be forfeited.

4. Cancellation of booking by LiMia Photography (Pty)Ltd.

In the unlikely event that LiMia Photography must cancel/reschedule a booking due to any cause, LiMia Photography (Pty)Ltd. will make every effort to offer alternative accommodation but should this not be acceptable you will be entitled to an immediate and full refund. Should you commit any breach of the terms and conditions hereof we reserve the right without prejudice to any other rights available to us in law to cancel this contract forthwith.

5. Late arrivals

Will have amount of time late deducted from the total time allocated for the Session. Should a client arrive late the number of images cannot be guaranteed.

In the event that Client arrives more than 15 minutes late, Photographer reserves the right to cancel the photo session with no refunds given. Photographer reserves the right to reschedule

6. Presentation of Images

Images will be sent to You (The Client) via wetransfer, to download and print images. It is You (The Client's) responsibility to download , backup and save your images.

Additional editing is available at additional expense to be determined by photographer.

No Prints, Photo Books or any other form of printed will be included in the packages unless otherwise stated on the invoice.

7. Download of Images

You (The Client) will have Seven (7) days in which you can download images from the online photography gallery, failure to do so can result in a Three Hundred Rand (R300) penalty fee charged by the photographer to reload images on the photography gallery.

8. Archive of Images

LiMia Photography will keep all images on archive for a reasonable amount of time (2 Months from the date of completion), after which it may be permanently discarded. It is the client’s responsibility to backup any digital files you receive.

9. Post Production

Completion of Retouching of images and the online gallery will be available Six (6) weeks after photo shoot date.

General Terms and Conditions

1. LiMia Photography nor the Photographer (Leandi Jansen van Vuuren) shall be held responsible for any injury's or incidents accruing on the premises of the studio, location of the photo shoot or during the photo shoot.

2. Cake Smash Photo Shoot. (The Client) to inform (Photographer) in writing beforehand if they have any dietary restrictions, allergies or special requirements.

3. Should you (The Client) cancel or reschedule a cake smash photo shoot you will be liable for the full payment of the cake ordered for the photo shoot at Five Hundred Rand (R500).

LiMia Photography nor the Photographer (Leandi Jansen van Vuuren) or Third Party supplying the cake shall be held liable or responsible for any side effects/negative effects or any negative reaction during consumption of cake/icing or parts thereof during a cake smash photo shoot.

4. Photographer is not responsible if Client(s) or other individuals fail to appear or cooperate during photography sessions. While I do my best to work with unforeseen circumstances, no refunds or reshoot will be provided solely due to uncooperative participants.

5. In the unlikely event that Client is completely dissatisfied with the results based solely on personal preference, or failure to capture certain images the shoot will be non-refundable.

6. It is also understood that Client is hiring Photographer for their technical and artistic expertise and, therefore, Photographer reserves the right to edit the images as she sees fit.

7. All Gift cards purchased would need to be arranged according to the Photographers availability to do a photoshoot.

8. LiMia Photography is granted the unrestricted right to copyright, use and publish photographs of the contracting party for commercial, promotion, competition, social media , our website or other purposes without compensation or liability to the contracting party at the discretion of the photographer.

9. LiMia Photography is granted the unrestricted right to copyright, use and publish photographs of the contracting party on  any and all social media plat forms. This will be posted to social media platforms at the discretion of the photographer. It will be posted if time is available. Not all sessions will be posted to social media platforms as this becomes a time-consuming process.

10. No royalty fees will be paid to any person or You (the client) for any images used by LiMia Photography.

11. LiMia Photography takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, transportation, and processing the photographs.

12. However, in the unlikely event that all the photographs have been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed for reasons within or beyond our control, LiMia Photography liability is limited to the return of all payments received for the event package.

13. The limit of liability for a partial loss of originals shall be a pro-rated amount of the package selected, based on the percentage of originals lost.

14. LiMia Photography (Pty)Ltd. Reserves the right to cancel the contract if events such as fires, natural disaster, tragedy, sickness or any other emergency beyond our control prevents us from preforming our obligation. In such a case LiMia photography will assess the situation, reschedule, rebook or cancel a booking at the discretion of LiMia Photography (Pty) Ltd.

15. On payment of the booking fee, you (The Client), are accepting LiMia Photography as your service provider and you are hereby also accepting LiMia Photography TERMS AND CONDITIONS.



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