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Why , How & When to book a maternity photo session ?

  • Maternity Photo Shoot

    Maternity Photography is a great way to showcase your belly

    One of the most exciting and beautiful times in a woman’s life.
    Growing a small life inside you is a feeling that you can’t describe to anyone.
    Loving someone unconditionally before you have ever met.

    Why should I book?

    It doesn’t matter if this is your first or fifth child, this is the only pregnancy that you will have with THIS child!
    Celebrate your superhuman body! I mean you’re growing human life in there! This is a once in a lifetime experience which your body is made for!

    How far along should I be?

    I recommend taking your maternity photographs between 30 - 33 weeks. This will usually result in the most flattering photographs as your bump will be nice and round at this stage, but not so heavy that you feel overly
    tired and uncomfortable.

    When to book?

    I recommend booking your maternity photo shoot as soon as you have had
    your 20 week scan. Since there’s little flexibility over when you can
    have the shoot this gives you the best chance of securing the right date
    and time.

    What to wear?

    Choosing what to wear for photos is often a struggle for people, maternity or not. Which is why we have between 20 + dresses for you to choose from at the studio