Maternity Photography

Maternity Photography

Why it is important to choose the right Maternity Photographer  for you

As you consider a maternity photographer, think about what you want your photos to look like. Are you hoping for something crisp and clear (my style), artistic and moody, or simple and realistic? Do you want to be in an interesting environment, or would you prefer more formal portraits with a simple backdrop? Look for Experience Look for a Maternity Photographer with extensive experience, or even better, specializes in maternity photography. A Maternity Photographer who is experienced in photographing the pregnant female form can obtain the most flattering poses for a pregnant woman’s body, such as the position of the shoulders, the angle of the belly, avoiding double chins and deemphasize other areas of the body which have expanded during pregnancy, such as hips, legs and arms. Is this maternity photographer also a newborn photographer should you decide to want to capture those special moments of the little one?

Trust yourself, if some photos take your breath away, that person is the first person to call

Maternity Photography is a great way to showcase your belly

Not only being a Maternity Photography but Personally, I think this is one of the most exciting and beautiful times in a woman’s life. Growing a small life inside you is a feeling that you can’t describe to anyone. Loving someone unconditionally before you have ever met. Giving a complete new meaning to LOVE at first sight. Each woman’s experience of this wonderful time is unique so there are no rules when it comes to the best time to schedule a maternity photography session. I do however recommend you schedule a maternity photo shoot with your maternity photo photographer between 31 and 35 weeks just in case baby is more excited to meet their new mommy and decide to greet the world a little earlier than expected. You will be glowing and at your most beautiful with your baby bump, so go ahead and capture those wonderful moments and show off to the rest of the world.

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Outdoors with lots of greenery or the ocean can make you feel like you’re the star in Hollywood’s with a dreamy backdrop creating unforgettable memories. There is many poses you can do during maternity photography that are just fun and natural! Gets some ideas of what you might want by Googling some poses that might interest you. If you have your own innovative ideas please feel free to discuss them with me before the maternity shoot. Remember to have fun, keep everything simple, keep smiling and know that you are BEAUTIFUL! Remember that moment when you fell in love with your little bundle of joy on baby’s first ultrasound image or those cute baby shoes these can make for beautiful maternity photos. A board or letters with your baby’s name. Something unique that will perhaps indicate the baby’s gender should it be known. I do have some prop’s available to be used for Maternity Photography sessions should you wish to make use of any of these please confirm this with me beforehand.

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